Start an Agency With The Right Tools. iCeleraite is here to help you RUN A Full-Blown Ready-To-Profit Agency In Minutes. Find leads anywhere in the world. Everything you need is either done for you OR generated for you in seconds using AI. These bonuses will make you insane profits.  

Bonus 1

iCeleraite Upscale Media

There is no need to make your beautiful images look blurry each time you try to increase the size.

With the help of upscale media, you can enlarge and enhance your images without losing quality.

Bonus 2

Unlimited A.I Smart Object Removal Tool

You can use this smart tool to accurately remove objects from unlimited images in seconds without having to go through any design learning curve or pay for expensive graphic apps.

Bonus 3

Embed Your Virtual Event Assets on Pages & Secure Them With My Top Security Guide:

Manage, Protect, and Deliver Your Virtual Event Media, Recordings, etc. with a Single WordPress Plugin! Manage your virtual event media, recordings, etc. from your WordPress dashboard, embed media and downloads on posts or pages, and prevent them from being shared. You’ve worked hard to produce your content…now it’s time to protect it!

Bonus 4

iCeleraite Invoice Tracker Template

You can use this to keep track of the sales invoices and payments made by customers in your marketplace and let the done-for-you template calculate outstanding balance amounts for you.

This is 100% simple and easy to use

Bonus 5

Free Social Media Strategy Template That Drives Massive Results From Social Media:

This social media strategy template will help you to quickly and easily plan your own strategy, also you can use it to track results and present the plan to clients

Bonus 6

The Complete Guide To Social Media Competitive Analysis For Your Business:

You can use this competitive analysis template to easily size up the competition and identify opportunities for your business to pull ahead.
You will be able to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors easily.
Manage all your profiles, track competitors and relevant conversations, improve performance, and much more with this template.

Bonus 7

Professional Social Media Bios Template ($997 Value):

The truth is your bio plays a huge role in compelling people to follow and engage with your brand on social media.

A bio on any network should address five critical pieces of information and to ensure you cover the bases, you’d get access to easy-to-use templates from bios of top brands on social media so you can create yours in no time.

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